15 Year Fixed Mortgage

Wanting to own your home faster? Buying a property well within your budget? A 15 year fixed mortgage might be right for you! 

A 15 year fixed mortgage offers the same benefits of a 30 year loan — a fixed rate, set monthly payments, etc. but is paid in full in half the time. That means you own your home in 15 years! That also means — your monthly payments are much higher. This may not be a bad thing though for some buyers! If purchasing a home well within budget and with smart financial planning; 15 years can be perfect timing! 

There can be minimal interest rate differences also between 30 year and 15 year loans which is another selling point for 15 year loans. While 30 year loans are by far the most popular, it’s worth taking a look at 15 year mortgages. Interestingly enough, the cost at the end of the day between a 15 year vs 30 year loan ends up being lower for a 15 year loan because of the double amount of time that the interest has to grow for a 30 year loan. 

If one can afford the monthly payments for a 15 year loan — that’s often the best bet. It’s important either way though to really look at your finances and future financial goals in order to decide what length of mortgage is best for you.